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Related article: BBS : BBS First Impression Date: 05/07/93 (07:35 o'clock) Number: 19 From: See TOM CAT # : NONE To : ALL Rec: NO n Subject: limited Buckaroos Conf : (103) Fantasy -------------------------------------- ------ ------------------------- ------ If you do the rodeo is hard work. Lazar and horse riding falls under some unpleasant on the way to take revenge. But it is a special thrill about the many exciting and s a bit of a daredevil as well as a " cowboy hero " to someone. can and on the road and drive all the time a little old times, but help the bunk with someone, keep costs low and the some companies. One night in Texas, the rodeo was in the evening. It was time to see the horses and make sure it would be neat. Children who come to us on this occasion were young, 18 is probably the green behind the ears, and were a little cock to our liking, we did a little nervous, and to of animal welfare. Jeff, a solid piece for his age, 165 pounds, all muscle and so probably developed a nice chest for 18 s in tight jeans was short, blond, and a spokesman. B. listen to see what was good driver is and how much they really could ride for us was good. Finally, Mark said (my bunkmate ) "Hot Stuff... ok enough of his bs ! " " Show us what you have. " means that we have a horse saddled, and that I could see, Jeff is a bit nervous. "What's matter, Jeff? " " You can not prove how well you speak ? " Jeff moved to horse and jumped on the chair. In a second s and was ready to travel, and to prove he could do. Jeff took and showed us how he could go. Faster and shows some decent moves, riding through the barrels is one side and down Installation at full speed, he showed some good moves. Jeff advanced. "For me, ready, click on the link the circuit," said Jeff? Mark Looked for me, Jeff looked into his eyes and said " not yet show me some abseiling, first. " My brand a calf was prepared, and Jeff was willing to give us your rope n skills. is left calf, running and ready to be tied. Jeff shot from the ride shoot , expect hard and fast, and wants to show to catch the calf record time in his position. rope Jeff to be prepared. Rose threw the rope over it. The cable came to in the direction of the calf, came to the head, then turned quickly in the calf the left side so that the fall of the rope on the ground and dust. Jeff, with a red face, the calf went back into the pen and dismantled in against us. threw the rope to my feet. "Man, I, I think that s, I never forget the competition. " I took the rope and pulled the knot. I have always, Preteen Nude Girls and threw the noose around Jeff and yanked around. " yola.. Hey Whatta doing to me ?" Said Jeff. "Just shows you how to string and tie it up tight," was my answer. I laughed,malignant smiled pulled my Buckaroo in my direction. I saw that Jeff had a nice lump in his groin. It looked like a solid 7 inches from the structure of the in his pants. Mark asked, "What shall we do with this?" "Think of that is ready to be removed from the mother?" "Sure," said Mark. "Time for this and your partner to learn a lesson or two. " With these words of Mark n Then he grabbed the rope and quickly called Steve, who wonder also required. "Let em n to join the fence here, Mark, a willing to care for the horses and then we take care of two us. " " Sounds pretty good to me," said Mark. and tied to the pole with a bit of a struggle, but no more than Wold dealing with a calf and mouth gagged with sweaty bandannas, Let reflects their fate, since we are in the beds ready animals of the night. Mark and I returned to bed and water the animals and tested dwon our two young stallions had a bandd combined. The knots were tied, we , but were tested as strong as when we left. Now is the war a bedtime and train our horses, go with a real wild. I a u003e Jeff and untied the scarf around your mouth. Then I put my Touho hands to the face and lips and cheeks, feeling the soft but firms in the face of this young stud, knowing that this will shortly face with my dick. "What will you do to me? " Asked Jeff. You could hear the sense of the word curious and trembling she asked. " I'm going to tame and, finally, traveling in the hot, young ass, tight their own," he said calmly and strictly know, that what is in control. was busy kissing Mark and Steve and Steve had been working to open the shirt. that s been busy, sucking and licking Steve 's mouth, face and nipples, so them a reprimand. Steve was about how he felt hot and groaoning n and that he wanted all the way. I can tell, Despiyou hesitation in the voice of Jeff, his body is "YES " he said. Its passage had given his true desire and said the truth, he with a cowboy and experience a real trip. strongly Preteen Nude Girls Jeff kissed her mouth and let him feel what it was to be firmly kissed by another man. I left my lips and tongue forced in the mouth, probing and exploration of the hot and humid corner of his mouth. I knew then that hot with my cock in her mouth as she could the sun out of the midday in the desert and I'm not wait. turned and laughed at Jeff, putting my lips just out of reach, and licked it. Jeff heavy tense, pulling and plucking the strings and muscles reaching for another kiss. " Please let me touch you... let me kiss you again," said Jeff. "I would like to is warm in my mouth and tongue and suck her tongue pressed down my ​​throat. " Moved Jeff and I went hard, we have what is Jeff \\ \\ n Wante... otherhot kiss to burning man among us, unite us. I looked and I realized that Mark had shucked jeans and Steve was busy sucking Steve n in the ass. The young, white, two balloons were distributed and Mark had his tongue deep exploratory and development, and Steve Butt Wet brand was to receive. STVE graoned about how good she felt, had investigated the ass and how he wanted to more. I have my way down to Jeff, and Ahold pace and felt his s cock hard and throbbing against my face through his jeans. I undid his pants n and then pulled his cock out of her tight white jockeys. I held his warm, ardent cock in hand, twisting sensation and throbbing in my hand, all real could move freely in a restricted state. Jeff was muttering from the touch of my hand on his cock. "I play more. " "That feels so damn good I do not want to stop. " I knew then that break down. A fairly easy bustbut is a number too hot to fuck and suck. I knelt down and took his cock between my lips. I tongue in his head, turning tasting juices that drip and lubricated in its path. The smell of was a mixture of sweat and precum hung a heavy scent of male and filled the air. 'more.... please suck me in... more... have all that... it feels so ooohhhhhhhh fucking hot... not a cowboy, to suck dick... I can believe it fucking hot I ' ms " Jeff 's comments were pouring mouth while his manmeat down her throat 7 inches and worked on its axis. He felt it throb and taste juices flow into my mouth. would be licking his throat full of meat and worked here between his penis and testicles with my tongue. Jeff Rod grew even more as I worked n in front of the place and gave his balls a tongue bath. has Steve and Mark broke his legs and placed as Stev bedning infect their cheeks red to rise into the air for betterThe penetration. STVE continue to suck and probe, the ass, Steve finally does ask for more. Steve said: ".. I want to fuck till I come " "Please... fuck me," " My ass must be fucked that bad," "I I. that to fill your ass with cowboy dick of yours and fuck until I 'm Saddlesores and can not be walk no more, " Mark -. with a good heart and overall commitment to the tail attached to the Steve the face first. Mark said. "Taste me, go and suck on her rod is the mark of the stock, but going well", due to Steve hungry and pulled his strings and to achieve tight and suck \\ \\ n under the cock, she wanted to be fucked by this evil. I knew that the service Markus strange because it was literally his ass was on the line. since Mark has an impressive branding iron rod, 10 inches thick, well- Loing near 3 inches when fully hard, Steve wanted to drink to satiety and lubricating oil that iron mark before the mark is your parachute with him. So Poullan away and let Jef is loose, tail pasted directly throbbing yet. " Why, that man... I'm so close to cumming," said Jeff. "Eventually, Jeff, you need a little patience and learn to control. " I replied. I then released me and Jeff relocates Kots and tied to it. Jeff is placed bound tightly, so he could see first hand the brand, the n Steve was going to receive. I thought it was warmer, they both Colts face each other and see the mime other , since they were mounted from behind. Jeff was going to be hot and ready. It was with the brand and size of the cock surprised it... "Wow... Steve take that shit pole in the ass ", "No I can not believe, is getting all of this monster cock fuck a OFM " STVE saw Jeff and gave shit - smile and said. " I love it, the ass by a Preteen Nude Girls big fat bar plow," " I have never taken this great before in my life and I felt so full, but the feeling that Hahn all I find it want all this and more. " And with that, despite the string, the ass stretched even further back, so that their limits are allowed, try to take the brand further in My penis was prepared and ready to go.. it was time for a hot ass and I n Jeff was felt pole his hole too. 'talk pretty... Time to stop feel a little cock and let you see Steve to be fucked like that. " I gave him a friendly pat on the back and pulled his cock up my ass. I slid my ​​cock against her crack, it gives the feeling of my hard, hot, dripping cock before to invade her tight, hot hole. buns clenched against my cock, , let me know that he liked more than willing, my cock sore. I then worked my glans at the opening and entered the head of his hole. was tightened, the head does not slide right in. I was at work drilling and extends, so to get inside the head finally came in. No in and began to limit Jeff 's legs also fill your ass with my of the flesh. " Ohhhh.. . shit... it feels so good, "said Jeff. " That's it, fuck my ass s... let me feel your balls against my ass. " Mark and I pumped our cocks long and hard against our limited Buckaroos. Sweat started running down her face and breasts, making them shine n in sweat. The heat of passion of our young dammit, limited studies much hotter than the night air was summer. our roosters and pistons out, the grunts and groans of all of us, filling the Preteen Nude Girls air with lust that we all feel. Jeff and Steve came in and pulls the strings defendant pull Mark and I are a little bit. Jeff and Steve began vigorously n kiss, suck the tongue, while the milling ass s. Mark and I was a rhythm to help our young people to carry two stallions which can be a little easier for them mett kissing and licking the face of each other s every time our cock slid into her hot slide. When we came back up our cross, we movedseparates easily, so waiting to return to play until fully committed to the corner again. After fucking her for a while, the constant pounding of the hammer and a session of ass penetration firm fleshy buttocks with a stick as hard as steel brake our semen, pleasure, Rick, a rodeo clown who traveled with us extend continued and we found it. "What have your Boyz? " "It sounds hot to pump prime beef and a walk," said Rick. "Join us Rick," said Mark. "This is the hottest shit,. I've had in a while Time" " Please enjoy a damn good time... love to get these n dos both like us, " I voted for in Rick pulled his pants and pulled his tail and began pumping n it. The jeans to her ankles, and sat astride his path between Jeff and Steve. Rick quickly sutffed n his cock in the throat of Jeff and pushed her bare ass in the face of Steve is. "Take It All... children who suck the bar and wipe your ass to Real right now. " Sucking Jeff Ricks eagerly at the bar,s what a great suction and blowing a smile on Rick's face. Jeff was really something else, so warm with in the ass and mouth full of cock. I was sucking Rick 's cock like a calf tit sucking their food fresh cream and ass are squeesing around my penis trying to milk as a dry hole. Steve was busy sucking n Rick ass licking, as he was plowing forever, just grunts and groans. I was aware of the pressure on my balls, which does not take long before I shot by Jeff my load of cum in the ass. The pressure was intense ass Jeff, strict hand grip. The heat and sweat from my beat his ass had the two well-oiled machine and hit a pure fucking hot sex, male cousin in and out, again and again. I took the body of Jeff and limited hip n back in time past and my cock hit as deep as I could. With these words, I said " get that damn load of cum " and began to fire shot after shot of thick hot, hard and slimed his semen ass but good. Jeff grunted and moaned with excitement and pleasure, the butt of his filled with cream a little cowboy. He continued to suck Rick 's cock, looking cum more to fill up. Buckaroo was a hungry and tried to miliking keep my cock to get more people in the fluid hose on the burning rate it. is n Steve me cum, I asked Mark to her ass full of cum n y. Mark was ready - which opened fire from 10 inches of steel to Steve ass one last time and Steve scum ass with his load of cum burns. N posted by Rick Steve's ass. Want, "Ohhh...... yeeeeaaahhhh to fill me cum... is so hot that ass fucking with a full load of cum. " "It it makes me shoot my load. " \\ \\ n Steve is bound, his arms tightly at his side, could not wank, but the cock of her s was hard and swollen eyes as if about to explode. With Mark still plowing away and making his last load, I decided to let me go my ​​way to Steve and suck the cock in the throat. Steve got under and immediately took a sip throat. Its tail was almost in the mouth before I could feel his load, spit. It took me away and wash his sperm flow in the throat hot and thristy my s, savoring the taste of young Buckaroo. Steve 's cock cleaned and dropped his head between my lips. Then I made ​​my way to Jeff, bringing his cock back into my mouth for a time Second, Jeff continued to suck Rick, while the tail and balls licked and reviewed. I licked the head, back, licking her delicious juices were dripping. it sucked and worked on his body again and again with my tongue. Jeff was graoning very hoarse. I was out of the fire and desire to tell Rick eyes that Jeff was really him and was about to kill his load. I sucked Jeff 's cock and wanted more than he shot his load, while n always plenty of cream cowboy t shothroat. growled Soon Rick and Jeff held her head constantly in his hands and began to feed its charge. Jeff Hahn wild twinge. His balls tightened. Jeff began to shoot and fill my mouth. I took his cock and held it in his mouth, that s overflow semen in the mouth. I took it and gave it to the last drop of my mouth. Once filming was finished Jeff had n and Rick walked away, I went and got her back with Jeff and s taste was himself, kissed her hot lips and filling her mouth with his sperm and \\ \\ n his semen is mixed with semen in the mouth of Rick load. Rick had happened was playing, Steve. Steve touched the pages and stroking, caressing him as a cowboy and his horse mascot after a long difficult to assemble. Steve jumped a little and pulled against her ropes. "tickle you?" Said Rick. " Very.... please.... I am very sensitive," laughed Steve in a voice control. " Well... the night is still young and has plenty of time for warmer was the action," said Rickwhen he put his hands on the narrow and tacos tickled again how limited studies and retire. Rick Steve tickle makes you laugh and squirm and turn a bright red scarf. Steve wanted badly to tickle torture he received, but the flight was the limits of your rope you in place. Soon the brand also joined hands in tickle the Buckaroo limited. I put my hands on the site Jeff. Jeff does not seem so delicate. quickly moved his finger on his side again, this time Jeff could not n hold and let go with a burst of uncontrollable laughter and said : out. "I can not tickle me.... please.... do not control me, if someone has the" , Jeff says half laughing, half crying for mercy and compassion. Mark, Rick and I continued to tickle our hands and maneuver around them naked n , connected to pins, keep us supplied. I looked at Rick and Mark. They were still tickling Steve, but the line , showed that ticklingWill soon be time for them and that n were ready for a serious cock to work. I loosened the ropes to Jeff and asked him upright. Jeff seemed almost n free lost. I rubbed and made sure it was good for him, to make an extra tug on his cock and rubbed her ass a little and make fun of him with the extra pull. Mark and Rick did the same with Steve, he is standing. Once both tunnels were ready, we tied in an upright position, exposed to cock dick s, naughty and interconnected. Their tails were postition together let it rub against each other. I got from Jeff opened his ass cheeks and back. I willing to take this stud again let him feel my cock in her SCUMM n to the hole, while strapped to his friend, his friend made ​​him feel as s cock is hard, while the ass. Jeff enthusiastically took my cock and put it on your presentation. Mark then crashed his tail butt hole Steve. Rick will Preteen Nude Girls be out of thscene was e, behind Mark and started sucking Mark 's ass and pull before plow marks. Here were five men, all naked, either wired together or connected anatomically try to end and roll together. It was a warm pile male flesh -, pumping and grinding together at night. The grunts and the n cries again filled the night sky as it moved into an erotic state ecstasy. Baldrick changed his clothes, would not affect my ass removed, ready with your cock s in my ass. I kept hitting Jeff 's ass, not wanting to miss beat faster. Rick took my rhythm quickly, and after what seemed like hours continued fucking, slow at times to hold Preteen Nude Girls cum, we get a s the point of no return again. Rick first shot, cumshot ass with his load of sperm. That prompted me to shoot and Jeff Butt replace what has Jeff, n its cargo exploded chest and Steve all shot so hard that cum landed on Steve s face. SteveThen he shot his wad on Jeff and Jeff covered with sticky Manlan of cum, burning his body with thick and heavy cream. Preteen Nude Girls While on Jeff Cumming, Steve gave a final push to the market for excess foam the ass with sperm as well. Each of us felt drained and empty, and yet very full of fucking round, because we have a man of great n hill. Little by little we slip apaprt and then broke our jeans and it's free over again. Steve leaned over and licked clean Jeff - wipes sweat semen that covered it. Jeff did not want to lose your help and not Friends licked and sucked Steve 's body, while the three of us looked on approvingly. Steve then put his tongue in his ass and wiped it out, sucking the sperm that Rick had deposited. Jeff and Steve quickly dressed and left, leaving the three kill us from the rest Preteen Nude Girls of the night and then head up the next morning the following City and Rodeo - Searching for a different set of jeans for riding.
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